About Us

Welcome to Mearns Gadget Repairs, your premier destination for comprehensive electronic device repair and upgrade solutions in Newton Mearns, Glasgow! Our expertise encompasses professional repairs for PCs, laptops, smartphones, tablets, and gaming consoles, including Ghd devices.

Breathe New Life into Your Tech at the Gadget Repair Clinic in Newton Mearns

Is your trusty laptop collecting dust due to a flickering screen? Maybe your phone’s performance is lagging worse than a politician’s promise. Or perhaps your trusty console groans under the weight of unfinished adventures. Fear not, tech warriors! The Gadget Clinic in Newton Mearns is here to resurrect your fallen comrades and unleash their digital potential once more.

From PCs to Playstations, We’ve Got You Covered

PC & Laptop Resurrection:

 Whether it’s a cracked screen, sluggish software, or a virus playing hide-and-seek in your motherboard, our tech wizards will diagnose and fix your PC or laptop woes with precision and speed. We even offer data recovery, so those precious photos and documents won’t be lost to the digital void.

  • Smartphone & Tablet Revival:

    Is your phone more brick than a smartphone? Don’t despair! We tackle cracked screens, battery blues, and even waterlogged woes, bringing your mobile lifeline back to life. And for tablets yearning for a performance boost, we offer upgrades that’ll have you scrolling social media smoother than a freshly paved highway.

  • Console Conquest:

     Is your Xbox gathering dust or your PlayStation pleading for an intervention? We’re your console cavalry, charging in to vanquish overheating issues, controller woes, and even disc drive dramas. We even offer upgrade services to keep your gaming rig ahead of the curve.

  • GHD Revival:

     Is your trusty GHD gathering cobwebs instead of straightening strands? We’ll have your mane master back in action, fixing broken cords, replacing faulty plates, and restoring its heat to glorious levels. Get ready for salon-worthy results without the salon price tag.


More Than Just Fixes, We’re Tech Whisperers:

We’re not just repair masters; we’re tech whisperers who understand the language of your gadgets. We’ll explain the problems in plain English, recommend the most cost-effective solutions, and keep you informed every step of the way. Plus, our friendly and approachable team will make the whole process feel less like a tech nightmare and more like a friendly chat with tech-savvy neighbors.

Convenient, Affordable, and Trustworthy

Located in the heart of Newton Mearns, the Gadget Clinic is easy to find and even easier to trust. We offer flexible appointment times to fit your busy schedule, and our transparent pricing means you’ll never face hidden fees or unpleasant surprises. To top it all off, we back our repairs with a warranty, so you can rest assured your tech is in good hands.

Don’t let your tech gather dust or gather cobwebs! Bring it to the Gadget Clinic in Newton Mearns and let us work our tech magic. We’ll have your devices singing their digital praises in no time.

Mearns Gadget Repairs provides an expert repair service for your all you’re PC, Laptop, Smartphone & Tablet repair and upgrade needs, all year round. No matter the issue, we are here to help with any and all issues you may have with your device.

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